Vamos rir e...."We will survive"

"Music and humor—both are languages of the emotions. Join us on a journey through our wacky hall of mirrors and see for yourself all the weird and wonderful ways these two languages come together to reflect the Zeitgeist of the new millennium.

We live in an age in which the market economy tyrannizes over art. The quality of an artwork is judged by the quantity of sales. We all squint at the sales-volume statistics, the chart placement and the commercial media presence. The more popular, the better. Everyone wants to be a superstar!

But in consequence, we all too often lose sight of the true meaning of music: the uplifting union of feeling and intellect, the intimate and profoundly emotional expression of the soul.

BEING GIDON KREMER takes a critical and entertaining look at classical music through a magnifying glass. By means of this close-up, we hope to achieve a healthy distance from all forms of commercial dumbing-down.

So lets laugh together about whats laughable, and marvel afresh at musics endless marvels!

uma escolha de Manuela Lourenço Marques

Sete Rios 17 de Março 2010



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